2a01:4f8:13b:2c95::2 T2LAUSITZ 609  For duplicate packets collection from satellite igates
2001:67c:15c:1::178 T2SATGFI1 0  Switzerland  
2001:67c:15c:1::32 T2FINLAND 1587
2001:6b0:4b:f000::14 T2SWEDEN 288  Steveland  
2001:67c:15c:1::32 T2FINLAND 1587  T2 Hubs - DO NOT TOUCH THIS, this is used for checking leaf-hub connections  Universal connection for servers in Asia  Universal connection for servers in Australia and New Zealand  
2a01:6ee0:1::15:1 T2HUN 320  Experimental Logbook of the World SSL authentication on port 24580  Universal connection for servers in South America  Universal connection for servers in Europe and Africa
2a01:4f8:13b:2c95::2 T2LAUSITZ 609
2001:67c:15c:1::32 T2FINLAND 1587  Universal connection for servers in North America  Tier 2 Hubs
2605:8e00:12:1::c T2HUB2 11  
2001:67c:15c:1::32 T2FINLAND 1587